Frequently Asked Questions

q. How do I remove my ad when my item is sold?

ans. Because items are often sold quickly it has become a task removing them from the many mirror sites. This is the case especialy when the item has been rotated in to a continued page that isn't normaly updated more often than each week. This extra work incurs time and labor costs. Therefore if you want to remove an item before 3 months has gone by, you must pay the $25 stand-out ad fee. Simply copy and paste your ad into the ad form, write in the "comments" section indicating you want it removed. And send. After sending the removal request and make payment by mail. Payment must be received before the ad is removed. As a bonus you may send in a *free* paid stand-out ad at the same time and only at the same time. Paid ads and ads that have been in longer than 3 months will contiinue to be removed free.

q. I submitted my ad why isn't it posted?

ans. More than half of the submitted ads are not posted. They have broken the rules on the submission form. The most common mistake is using capital letters, html, or punctuation such as exclamation marks!! Many other ads are rejected because they are of a dubious business nature or are submitted multiple times.

q. Will you sell my email address to other marketers?

No! Definately not, This site uses an order form for customers to send information. We collect visitor's contact information (like their email address). Contact information from the order form is used to place buy and sell ads for customers. We have no control over what third parties may do with this information. Unscrupulous merchants can and sometime do strip personal contact info from ads..ignoring copywrite laws.

q. Will you print my name and phone number?

ans. Yes, All fields that you fill in on the form may be published. It is very important that potential buyers are able to get in touch with you. If you provide complete contact details it acts as a guarantee that you are legit. If you are not...then the buyer can visit you and "poke you in the nose" If you are sensitive about releasing your phone number you can fill the form field with 0's but realize that you may turn off some potential buyers.

q. Limit three different free ads /person. How long until i can put another ad up? 3 ads in what time period?

ans. The Free Garage Sale is shareware... you use it with 3 free ads to try it... if you like it and it works for you, you buy ads.. if not, you don't buy ads. You cannot continue to get free ads as there are costs and labor involved in upkeep that someone has to support.

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