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Please use normal upper-lowercase sentence structure. Do not use ANY all-capitalized words and do not capitalize The First Letter Of Each Word nor use exclamation marks !!, brackets (), braces {}, ellipses, or html. The reason ads are free is that some pay to shout with caps. If you want to shout, you can by purchasing your ad as a stand-out ad. Ad should contain price - indicate firm or obo.

Limit three different free ads /person - Lifetime. Business type money making ads must pay the stand-out fee in any category other than business. Free ads are not intended for dealers or agents in the normal course of their business. Ads may be rejected for any reason. Fertility meds only are posted in the Medical section.

***Notice*** : if you want to remove or change a free ad before 3 months has gone by, you must pay the stand-out fee. Paid ads and those older than 3 months can still be removed free. See more details : FAQ

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Because selling and buying of fertility meds is deemed unlawful even though most buyer and sellers have prescriptions, all payment apps are under banker control. It is nearly impossible to use any form of electronic transfer without blocking.

There is a potential in using crypto currency but most users don't use it yet.
Snail mail involves a delivery time of up to ten days but it is more reliable to use cash than any of the electronic apps. No banker can just block it. It is cheaper to pay $20 cash than to pay $25 plus sales tax - just to use a stamp and a non transparent envelope like an occasion card or foil for security.

Donations also are viable with mail.

Lawfully you have to throw unused meds in the trash, so nobody can say they cant afford a $25 add stand-out fee.

Sorry I cant use normal payment processes but that is our Satanic governments who by design want to thwart any attempt to create Gods children that He grants us in the form of babies.
Just look at the millions of babies who are aborted and that tells you where government is at.

Stand-out Add payment or donations can be sent to:

Doug Steinke
Box 38
Massey, Ontario

Canada, P0P1P0

***Guaranteed Sale!***


If your three month paid personal item ad is unsuccessful - it can be repeated FREE for up to One Extra Three Month Period.