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Aug6-San Francisco CA 6 Boxes 300 IU Follistim exp 10/2015 or 11/2015. $150 each or 6 for $850. Sealed and properly stored/refrigerated. Follistim pen avail. Original owner. Buyer pays shipping. Can ship cold. Pics available. 415-722-6305 Chris
Aug6-Broomfield CO I dire need of trigger shot. Doesn't matter which brand Pregnyl, Ovidrel, Novarel. I can only afford $50 shipped. Please email 818 288 5922 Chris
Aug5-Gainesville FL I'm looking for HCG trigger. Preferably Ovidrel but will take any. Please text me if you can help. 352 672 2682 Shanna
Aug5-garner NC Wanted: clomid 50 mg 919-550-2025 Marie
Aug5-Boston Massachusetts I have 12 boxes of Follistim 900. I am selling each box for $275, but willing to negotiate if several boxes are bought at one time. They all expire in December 2016. They have all been refrigerated, never used and still in original packaging. Want to sell asap. 617-599-8255 Lisa
Aug5-New york Ny I have leftover from my cycle: 1 Redi-Ject Gonal F 900iu unused & unopened. Properly refrigerated. Exp 12/16 $300. Pickup from NYC or I can ship. Email call/text 917 728 0297 for faster response. Flower
Aug5-Chicago Illinois I have all the IVF meds to start a cycle. I purchased all the meds and found out I was pregnant while waiting on my menstrual. 773 447 7747 Ebony
Aug5-Baton Rouge LA Desperately searching for reasonably priced Femara/Letrozole for my cycle beginning 8/21. I'm doing a mini stem combo cycle w/injectables. 100% out of pocket. Dr prescribed Clomid, but I hate the way my lining & CM respond. Searching for Femara instead. Please 228 235 3662 Aim
Aug4-Broomfield CO Looking for trigger shot. Can pay $50. 818-288-5922 Chris
Aug4-Gainesville FL Menopur 4 vials, Follistim 600iu 2 vials, Follistim 300iu 1 vial. Properly stored and kept refrigerated. Including supplies: syringes, needles, follistim pen, alcohol pads. Expire in May 2016 and later. All together for $800. Please text or email. 352-213-3208 Sammy
Aug4-Kingwood TX I have 4 boxes plus 6 Endometrin $50/box and one box of Minivelle 8 patches $50. Really need the $ for unsuccessful IVF loan. Please call Stacey 903-424-7148/email
Aug3-Santa clara Ca I have unused ivf meds for sale. 4 boxes of Vivelles patches 0,1mg. expiration date 04/2016. Generic progesterone pills 100mg. Expiration date 07/2016. Price incudes free Fedex shipping. Can send pics. Emails only. Anna
Aug3-Gladewater tx Desperately searching for free or low cost follistim and Hcg trigger. We ttc for two years, only to bury our stillborn son at 33 weeks. Ready to try again, but wiped out from funeral expenses. 903 268 0788 Amber
Aug3-Goodyear AZ 2 unopened boxes of Gonal-F Pens - 900IUs $350 each 1 open box of Gonal-F - 450 ius remaining $100. HCG trigger shot 10,000 - $40. 2 Cetrotide kits - $100. Best way to contact Expires 8/16 - properly stored and refrigerated. 480 447 7164 Charity
Aug3-San jose Ca Ivf meds unused and unexpired to sell.vivelle 0,1mg : 4 boxes available. $100 each. Progesterone pills 100mg generic of Prometrium : 240 pills available, $200 for all pills. Can send pics. Email only. Anne
Aug3-Broomfield Colorado I have 4 Ganirelix available. All of them are unopened. $90 each. Exp Oct 2017 Text, call or email 720 236 2824 Hannah
Aug3-Broomfield Colorado I have Testosterone gel for testosterone priming IVF. Unopened. Bought from Todd's pharmacy ended up not using it. $70 Exp 10/3/15 Text, call or email 720 236 2824 Hannah
Aug2-Los angeles California i have all IVF meds, if you have your rx. i can give them to you for a price that works for you contact me now. 424 219 8467 mariah
Aug2-Bellevue/Seattle Washinton Follistim catridge 300iu, unopened and unused unexpired - asking for $200 obo, throw a pen which is used for free and couple of catridges which have very little medication left. 425 698 9996 Krish
Aug2-Vienna VA we have some fertility med left if you are interested: 7 boxes left of Menopur. The cost is $30 per vial. Thanks 202 615 8274 Nora
Aug2-Cleveland Ohio Follistim 900 IU. Sealed and always refrigerated. Several available. Original owner. Expires 1-2017 or later. $250 each plus Fed EX COD shipping. Shipped with cold packs in foam lined bag. Pen available. Karen
Aug2-Freehold NJ I have follistim 300, properly stored pen included, ganirelix 250 mcg, and supplies to go with it. All for 100. First come first serve. All at least another year before expiration. 908 596 0909 Jenna
Aug2-Las Vegas NV Leftover fertility meds 1 box Menopur with 75IU 5 doses + 3 single doses 75IU. 2 boxes Bravelle 75 IU 5 doses + 1 75IU dose. 2 boxes Ganrilex 250mcg/0.5ml. Email me your price and what you want. Thank you 805 341 1644 Meredith
Aug2-Cleveland Ohio: Follistim 900 IU. Sealed and always refrigerated. Several available. Original owner. Expires 3-2017 or later. $250 each plus Fed EX COD shipping. Shipped with cold packs in foam lined bag. Pen available. Karen
Aug2-Novi Michigan Hi I am looking for Ovidrel. If available, please text or email me. Thanks in advance. 248 331 3260 Kaitlyn
Aug2-San Francisco CA 6 Boxes 300 IU Follistim exp 10/2015 & 11/2015 $200 each. Sealed and always refrigerated. 4 boxes Ganirelix 250mcg/0.5mL exp 09/2015 $50 each. Follistim pen avail. Original owner. Buyer pays shipping ­ Fed Ex COD. Pics available. 415-722-6305 Chris

Warning: If you say you can accept PayPal in your med ad, PayPal may restrict your account and freeze your money (They have printed themselves a license to steal in their T.O.S.) PayPal demanded of me to remove the Medical Section. I have removed PayPal instead. If you include PayPal in your ad - don't expect your ad to be quickly removed when they freeze your account. From all reports : FedEx COD seems to be the most secure method of payment and shipping.

Jul31-Gladewater tx Needing clomid, our insurance doesnt cover any of our meds. Desperately seeking clomid, thank you. 903 268 0788 Amber
I will no longer post fraud and scam warnings if people refuse to use FedEx Cod as instructed on every continued page in the med section. Editor
Jul31-Los Angeles California I have 1 unopened box of Menopur 5 vials, 1 opened box of Menopur 4 vials, 2 unopened boxes of Follistim refrigerated, 5 partly used follistim cartridges refrigerated, 1 unopened Omnitrope vial refrigerated, Required syringes & Q-caps sealed. We had a successful IVF and do not need these. 310.963.0269 Ann
Jul31-Chesterfield MI 14 vials of Menopur $45/vial, 9 vials for Bravelle $25/vial, sealed 2 week kit of Lupron $50. All expire in 2016. 586-206-2065 Rachel
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Jul31-New York New York I have leftover meds from a successful medicated cycle. Folistim 900 $ 350. Menapure, 75iu. 1 box $200. Free needles. I also have some Lupron that I can throw in for a great price. Contact me to Discuss delivery. 845 636 8020 Stored properly. Nothing expired. dedra
Jul31-Chicago IL 5 x follistim 600 iu expire 9/15 $225 each. Buyer pays shipping. 312-399-0340 Lynn

Jul30-Chicago Illinois Starting a cycle soon. Need Gonal F, Menopur and Ganirelex. If have any in the Chicago area, please contact me Simone 708-953-5192
Jul30-Canonsburg PA I box of Menopur 75IU, unopened, experience 10/2015 $120. 724 498 5542 shannon
Jul30-Toluca Lake CA 1 50mg vial Makena progesterone p17 oil for injection, expires Oct/2015, cost: free, must pickup 818 245 2441 Vash
RUN FROM THE CURE After a serious head injury in 1997, Rick Simpson sought relief from his medical condition through the use of medicinal hemp oil. When Rick discovered that the hemp oil (with its high concentration of T.H.C.) cured cancers and other illnesses, he tried to share it with as many people as he could free of charge - curing and controlling literally hundreds of people... but when the story went public, the long arm of the law snatched the medicine - leaving potentially thousands of people without their cancer treatments - and leaving Rick with unconsitutional charges of possessing and trafficking marijuana! A Nova Scotia Legion Branch was even shut down over this. 7 part youtube video..each segment is less than 10 minuets long. this is the first segment with links to the rest found on the same youtube page
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Jul29-Cedar park Tx I have leftover from my cycle:1 box Redi-Ject Gonal F Pen 900iu unused & unopened. Properly refrigerated. Exp 9/2015. Email dipdhruv at gmail. Or call/text 512 497 7065 for faster response. $350 or best offer Dips
Jul29-Mt pocono Pa Meds leftover, properly store and not expired. Prometrium and estrogen pills $1 each, 2 boxes crinone $80 per box or $5.50 per application. Rose
Jul29-San Francisco Ca 6 vials Follistim-300iu 3-exp 10/15; 3-exp 11/15 $250 ea; 4 Ganerelix-250mcg $50 ea; Follistim refrigerated. Original owner. All unopened. Pics available. Fed EX COD and buyer pays shipping. 415 722 6305 Chris
Jul29-Cleveland Tennessee I have 2 follistim 300iu cartridges, 35 estradiol patches, 8 crinone applications, 5 femera tablets 2.5mg, 120 progesterone soft gels 100mg. All meds stored properly, none are expired. Prefer local pick up, will ship cod at buyers expense or free with online payment. Make reasonable offer only. 423 226 2239 Marie
Jul29-Chesterfield MI Qty 9 Bravelle $20/vial, Qty 14 Menopur $60/vial, Lupron $50 sealed 14 day box, estrace oral $5/90 pills. All meds expire in 2016. 586-206-2065 Rachel

Jul28-Las Vegas Nevada I have leftover fertility meds. Email me and name your price. I have pictures as well. Menopur: 2 boxes of 75 IU 5 vials each. Plus 2 extra vials with sodium chloride. Bravelle: 2 boxes of 75 IU 5 vials each. Plus 1 extra vial. Ganrilex 2 boxes 250 mcg. 805 341 1644 Meredith
Jul28-Albany NY 30 tablets of generic Clomid for sale - 6 cycles. 50mg. Expire 2018. Can ship anywhere. Price is $75 - negotiable. 203 209 5707 Meg
Jul28-NJ NJ Micro dose Lupron 40mcg with syringes exp 9/10/15 $80, 3 unopened boxes of Ganirelix $250, 2 unopened boxes of Menopur 10 vials $600. Text 609 774 0230 or email Melissa
Jul28-South Brunswick New Jersey Sell 1 box of Follistim 900iu w/pen expires Aug 2015 for $250. 4 boxes of Endometrium 100mg 21 inserts per box for $60 each. Can meet in PA/NJ/NY. cell: 201-892-0940 Janet
Jul28-Philadelphia PA Leftover meds from successful injectibles month. 1 box of 900iu follistim, unopened and refrigerated properly. Expires 6/2016. Local pickup only, can meet anywhere in PA/NJ/MD. $200 cash 610 368 2894 Emilie
Jul28-Dallas Texas Menopur- $30/vial or $150/bx; Lovenox- $100/bx of 10; Endometrium- $3/insert or $60/bx of 21; gonal-f 75 iu mix $20 each; All properly stored and leftover from my previous 4 fresh ivf cycles. Estradiol free w/ purchase if needed. Promethium pills $50 for 60 ct. 262 705 7838 nichole
Jul28-Blaine Washington Full bottle lupron 14 day supply !didnt need it for my cycle just finished Paid $200 will take $155 plus you supply cold shipping 501-366-5437 Rose
Jul28-Grand Junction CO Leuprolide Acetate injection - 14mg/2.8 mL - 1 mg/.02 mL 14 day administration kit original owner - Exp: 01/2017. 970 231 5385 Josh
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Jul28-Grand Junction CO Cetrotide 0.25 mg x2 - original owner - always refridgerated - shipped in cold pack container 970 231 5385 Josh
Jul27-Hagerstown Maryland Looking for Clomid and hcg needle, please email 301-491-6570 Laurie
Jul27-Cleveland Ohio 900 IU Follistim available. Sealed and always refrigerated. Original owner. Expires March 2017. Several available. Pen available if needed. $250 each plus shipping by Fed Ex COD. Shipped in cold packs. Best of luck Karen
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Jul27-Marlton NJ 2 boxes of Ganirelix Acetate Inj 250mcg/0.5ml $80 a piece or $160 for both. Text 609-774-0230 or email Tiffany
Jul26-Maineville Ohio I am looking for Ovidrel . Prefer to pick up Cincinnati area or New Jersey .plz text me 646 934 4444 or email Olga
10 Ways to Address Your Root Causes of Infertility -- Naturally Iva Keene

Jul26-Portland OR Gonal -f pen $150 new, expires 2/16. Buyer pays shipping which will require ice May
Jul26-Lyndhurst NJ NJ NY/NJ/PA - 7 vials Follistim-300iu $250/ea; 3 Ganerelix-250mcg $100/ea; 2 vials Menopur-75iu $70/ea, Price negotiable 201 340 4678 Karly
Can This Natural Hormone Progesterone Actually Heal Brain Injuries & Strokes? Dr. Mercola
Jul26-Wheeling WV ISO 18 gauge progesterone needles and syringes. 740-635-4510 Dawn
Jul24-Rochester New York Looking for 5 vials of Cetrotide 0.25. Please email pictures/expiration dates and location if you have this, and what you are asking for. Thanks. 585 721 2493 Hannah
Jul24-Atlanta Georgia Brand new IVF meds for sale. Cancelled Cycle no longer need medication. Gonal F MDV 450IU 6 boxes, Endometrin 100MG 21 inserts, Menopur 75IU 4 boxes Ovidrel 25UG 1 prefilled syringe. Price negotiable expire 2016. Properly stored. Interested email me at FED COD only. Holly 678 744 5998

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Jul24-Las Cruces New Mexico 18 vials of Bravelle and 3 vials of Menopur. Purchased at $1500, asking $1000 for everything. Q caps included as well as saline that comes with vials, extra saline may be included. Email me at Serious inquiries only please. 575 652 1123 Ashley
Jul24-councilbluffs iowa Crinon progesterone gel 8% I have 4 boxes unopened $100. I have 5 progesterone injection usp 500mg /10ml 50mg/ml 50. for all 5: only FedEx used for shipping contact 402 812 2101 laura
Jul23-Salt Lake City Utah 6 900 iu follistim cartridges exp. Sept 2015. Always stored refrigerated. Would prefer local pick up but could ship buyer would pay costs. Email for more details. 614 516 7423 Scarlett
Jul23-Queens New York Make an offer, 8 boxes of 900iu of Follistism and they all expire 12/2015. Email: 508 418 4318 mark
Cick for more on ... Synthetic Vs. Natural Vitamins By Dr. Ben Kim Here are some facts that you won’t find advertised on most of the vitamin supplements at your local vitamin store: ... The majority of commercial vitamin supplements are made up of synthetic vitamins ... Synthetic vitamins do not perform the same functions in your body as vitamins found naturally in whole food ... Many synthetic vitamins deplete your body of other nutrients and tax your kidneys before being excreted through your urine
Jul23-Seattle WA Gonal-F Multidose 450 IU. 3 boxes unopened, unexpired. PIO progesterone in oil 2 boxes unopened, unexpired. Please make offer Greater Seattle area pickup or shipped. 405 345 5125 Ching
Jul22-NorCal CA ISO 6 vials of cetrotide/ganirelix and 10 vials of Bravelle. Need by late next week. Can pay online or COD. Thanks 503 803 8557 Desiree
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Jul22-Chicago IL IVF meds for sale cheap we had insurance coverage. 2 Ganirelix Acetate Injection 250 mcg/0.5 ml shot exp june 2017 3 Endometrin progesterone vaginal insert 100 mg 21 inserts per box exp june 2017 all sealed, can ship with fee or pick up locally. can provide pics. 708 373 7186 Amelia Amelialyn324@yahoo.comi
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Jul22-New York NY Follistim 900iu, 4 boxes, $275 each. Expr. Oct 2016. 1 box of Ganirelix, $50. Expr. Dec 2016. All unopened. Follistim refrigerated. Free 3 ml/cc syringes and 22, 25, 27 gauge needles. Photos upon request. Only Local pick up. Email preferred. 646 398 9932: Tavi
Jul22-San Bernardino California Hey i got IVF meds. Menopur, Ovridel, Gonal F, Cetritode and pregnyl trigger shot, if not local i can ship going fast contact me now 424 219 8467 mariah
Jul22-Cedar falls Iowa I have one brand new follistim 900 iu cartridge and one brand new 300 iu cartridge. I also have a 900 iu cartridge that a negligible amount was used, and a low dose hcg vial, never used. All stored properly and gonal f shots and crinone. $500 for all. Email. 319 504 0867 Sally
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Jul22-Phoenix/metro AZ I have 900iu Follistim for sale. I would love to help someone out with some cheaper meds. Although they expire end of Aug. They have been kept in the refrigerated. Please email me for more info 480-221-8546 Candace Barrick
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