Medical Continued ...

Oct27-NYS NY Edit repost Menopur, exp.11/14-$100, 2/15,7/15 $125 per $25/3 vials exp 2/15, 2 vials open box Gonal rediject 300iu never used $100 4-Ganirelix exp.1-7/14 $25, 3-5/15-$50 Enoxaparin 40mg-$50 online paymt Kay
Oct27-Los Angeles CA Leftover, unexpired and unopened Crinone 8% gel/pf app $50 per box, 1 box has 15 applicators, 6 boxes available and Vivelle-dot 0.1mg/24hr patch Tdsw $15 per box, 1 box has 8 patches, 2 boxes available. Email/call/text me if you are interested. 805-906-0133 Charlie
Oct27-Tel Aviv Israel We have some new IVF drugs we never used. My wife was suppose to use them on Oct 22, but unexpected fully pregnant naturally. Please contact us for details if you need the med's and like to save a lot of money. +972 052 703 4855 Angela
Oct26-Upstate NY, Follistim 900 $500, 3 cetrotide $65 ea, 3 ganirelix $50 each 1box Bravelle $100, 2 boxes Menopur exp Nov $150 each. Prices negotiable. All other meds exp 2015/2016 email only: Cary
Oct26-Westchester NY Soon to expire: 2 box Crinone 15 applicators 8% exp 11/14 $50 each; 1 box same exp 12/14 $60. 2 vials PIO exp'd 7/14 $15 each. 10 tabs provera exp. 4/15 for $20. 1 box of 10 generic Lovenox 30 mg. exp. 5/15 $60. 812 287 1648 Jan
Oct26-Baltimore MD 19 vials Menopur $30ea or $25ea if buying 1 box or more; 2 vials of gonal f 75 IU $20 each, Progesterone in oil, 1 box, and progesterone pills 60ct make an offer, 2 full boxes and 1 partial box of 6 Endometrin make an offer 262 705 7838 nichole
Oct26-Minneapolis Minnesota I have four cartridges of 600 IU Follistim I have postponed my procedure for a year and need to get rid of them before they expire in June of 2015. They have been stored properly. $375 each. These usually go for b/n $500 and $600. 612 987 3535 Sharon
Oct24-Colts Neck New Jersey Follistem 900IU exp Aug 2015: $375 have 2 unopened boxes, Follistem Pen and case $50, Menopur 5 single dose vials 75 IU: $150 have 2 unopened boxes, Menopur opened box 3 vials left: $75. Can email pictures. Located in Central NJ. Email if interested. 732 693 2110 Katie
Oct24-Raritan NJ Unused IVF medication, properly stored. 3 FollistimAQ Cartridges 900IU. Exp: 08/16. $350 per box + shipping. 2 Crinone 8% 15 applicators. Exp: 03/17. $80 each + shipping. Can meet local. Please Text me 908 458-5075 Lena
Oct24-dallas TX I have all IVF meds available. Cancelled cycle. Not moving forward. menopur 75iu, Follistim 900 iu, Follistim pens, Ganirelex 250 cmg, ovidrel 250 mcg, progesterone oil. Plenty needles, syringes. Contact 214 518 1929 Shay
Oct24-Washington DC Crinone Gel $100 per box Ex 2016 Contact: Barbara 347-248-7645
Oct23-Chatsworth California Leftover unopened unexpired meds available - Crinone 8% Gel/PF APP, Follistim Aq 900U/1.08 Cartridge with Follistim pen stored in refrigerator, Vivelle-dot 0.1MG/24HR patch Tdsw and Ganirelix Acetate 250MCG/0.5 Syringe stored in refrigerator. Email 805-210-3849 Chris
Oct23-Buffalo NY Hi there, I have still some Follistim 300 & 600 unit vials left. Refrigerated, new, unopened. $125 and $200. Serious inquiries only pls Reposted 716 796 9013 Jill
Oct23-wylie tx Am looking to buy clomid, gonal f and a trigger. 469 432 7475 pijeey
Oct23-Atlantic highlands NJ Leftover Ivf meds. 3 new boxes of Endometrin for $75, 1 opened box of 11 endometrin for $40, both expiring on 08/2015. 1 new Metronidazole Vaginal Gel for $40, expiring on 01/2016. Some estradiol pills. Pls, text me on 732 403 6452 or email on Jackie
Oct23-College Station TX Gonal F Multidose 300 IU, Cetrotide, Vagifem 10 mcg estrodial inserts, Leuprolide Acetate trigger All unexpired 605-381-5908 Mary
Oct22-Bedminster NJ Gonal F 450 IU multidose vial with 6 syringes, 5 new boxes, $200 each, 2 ovidrel syringes in box stored in fridge, $50 each, all expire in 2015, buyer pays shipping, left over from successful IVF, all brand new and properly stored. Sara
Oct22-New York NY I have: 3 boxes brand new Follistim AQ 900iu exp Jan 2015 - $900/pp or obo. please email if interested Email 917 407 4619 Isaac

Oct22-Los Angeles CA Hi.. Have some fertility meds leftover. Selling 2 boxes gonalf for $250 each exp 08/15 and 4 ganirelix 250 mcg at $70 each OBO, exp 08/15. Local pick up would be great if possible but willing to ship. 213 503 5777 call Flöte

Oct22-Clermont Florida 900iu of follistim leftover from very successful IVF cycle Selling for $300 obo. Please contact me asap. Expires 8/2015. Stored properly. Never been open. 407 616 3928 Kari R
Oct22-Detroit Michigan Still seeking clomid Needed shipped asap due to cycle starting next week, would be great to have enough for 2 cycles Email or text 313-525-4285 Sandy
Oct22-fw tx Soon to expire meds. Ovidrel 250mcg $50. Ex: 12/14. Ganirelix Acetate 250mcg. $100 ea. Expires 01/15 & 02/15. Gonal F 900iu $175 ea. exp: 01/15. Text, call, or email. Dont want to waste these 817 805 8759 Makena
Oct21-El Segundo CA Saizen HGH 5mg exp 5/2016 for $220. Sealed/Unopened and stored properly. Plus shipping or local pick up in LA area. Kate 424- 271-0150
Oct21-Ft. Lauderdale FL progesterone inj.50mg exp3/14- $45; ganirelix inj exp 7/14 250mcg 3- $100; lupron vials 2 50units @ $50 each; gonal rff pen exp 1/15 new 300iu 2 @ $175 each; menopur 75 iu exp 1/16 2- $130; vivelle dot patches 0.1 3- $30. 954-297-8764 Rosey
Oct21-Spokane WA IVF meds left over from successful cycle. 4 Follistim 300iu. $100 per box. Properly stored. 3 boxes expire 06/15. 1 box expires 06/16. 1 Leuprolide Acetate Injection Trigger Shot. $100. Expires 03/15. Buyer pays for shipping. Contact Monica at or 509-869-2552
Oct20-Washington dc Selling Menopur 8 boxes 5 vials/box exp 10/15 $150/box; 4 boxes 900IU Follustim expired 4/16 $400/box; 8 boxes Ganirelix 250mcg/0.5 expired $50/box; 2 boxes Cetrotide 0.25mg expired 3/15 $50/box. Please contact me at Gina
Oct20-Surburbs of Chicago IL 7 unopened boxes of Endomentrin. 21 inserts with applicators. Exp dates: 8/14 X1 will sell for $45. The rest is $65 each 10/14 x2. & 12/14 x4. Will split Email 815 545 5620 Krystal
Oct19-Ashburn Va Crinone 8% gel, 15 applicators in a box, $39 per box. Contact : 571 345 1256 Anar
Oct19-Detroit Michigan Looking to get some Clomid asap at a decent price, looking to do 150mgs for 5 days, wouldn't mind having extra just in case this is a failed cycle. Please email or text 313-526-4285 Sandy
Oct19-Southern California GonalF 300 iu pen, NIB, sealed. Properly stored, expires 12/14. $200. FedEx cod money order only, buyers pay shipping will have to overnight with freezer packs Email only for questions. 951-237-4458 Nat
Oct19-Cinci Ohio I almost got scammed by emmalybabe33 from Chicago. paypal put a 21 day hold my payment and she refunded my $. I thought PayPal May have froze her acct and asked for hubby's email. She sent the "" address that is listed as a scammer. Please beware. Thanks Emma
Oct19-NYS NY Menopur, exp.11/14-$100, 2/15,7/15 $125 per $25/3 vials exp 2/15, 2 vials open box Gonal rediject 300iu never used $100 1 Novarel exp 11/13 $25 4-Ganirelix exp.1-7/14 $25, 3-5/15 $50per Enoxaparin 40mg online paymt Kay
Oct19-Cincinnati Ohio Cincinnati, OH -My meds: 10 sealed boxes of FSH called Merional same as Menopur 75IU vials expire 2-2015 selling for $250 total. 1 sealed 250mcg Prefilled syringe of Ganirelix Acetate injection expires 10-2015 selling for $75. FedEx COD. Buyer pays shipping. Email Emily 513 304 4648
Oct19-chicago IL four new in box Menopur 75iu. Expire 11/15 Asking $125 for each box and one unopened 900iu Follistim exp 01/16. Asking $200 for the Follistim or make me a decent offer. Will work with you on shipping. Prefer emails as this is my work phone 847-946-2291 emmaly
Oct19-Budd lake New jersey Changes to last listing as some medication has been sold. Still have menopur. 75iu. Exp 10/16. 8 vials @$40 each. 1 gonal f 900iu. Unopened and refrigerated. Exp 02/16. $400. Ganirelix 250mg . Exp 11/16 x2 @ 50 each and progesterone in oil. 500mg x 2 @ $35 each. Reasonable negotiations will be accepted. Also gonal f will be shipped on ice overnight. And client expected to pay for shipping. Offionga
Oct17-SanDiego CA 3 boxes Vivelle dot Patches-$40/box. expired 11-2014. 1 Ganirelix 250 mcg/0.5- $50 expired 10-2015. I have some opened dose of saizen and follistum left which I will give it for free from my previous cycle which I feel is very lucky. 858-666-8160 Jo
Oct17-Bridgewater NJ I have IVF leftover form Oct cycle - 5 Brand new unopened and properly fridged 900 IU Follistim $400/box. Exp 8/16. Unused Follistim pen and shipping Fedex COD are included. Will ship overnight on ice. Can meet local. 908 552 9920 Masha
Oct17-Seattle WA Leftover successful IVF meds. Proper storage at home. None Expired. Paragon follistem 900 iu $600. Meropur 18 75 ui vials $720. Ganirelix .25 $100. Total of $1,420 obo. Buyer pays for shipping via FED EX COD.
Oct17-waco tx Repost edited. Looking to sell 6 menopur, 75iu each. Exp 10/15. 2 Gonal F 900iu Expire 7 /15. All sealed amd protected. 5 boxes of Cetrotide. Expires om 12/15. COD only. Buyer pays shipping email me for pricing. jeanette
Oct17-Dayton OH Selling Ganirelix 250mcg - New & Fresh, Unboxed - 5 syringes, $25 each + shipping or $100 for all 5 Leigh
Oct17-St. Paul MN ISO follistim. Need at least 2 900 ui. Must be willing to ship COD. Need by end of month. Let me know what you have and how much. Will pay shipping fee. Contact Cindy at 952-250-9504 Cindy
Oct15-Selden NY 1 unopened Follistim AQ cartridge + pen & needles, $275 obo. 2 unopened Cetrotide .25 + all needles, $50 each obo. 1 vial Lupron opened but carefully used just once, + needles, $30 obo. 11 syringes Lovenox 30mg, $30 obo. Buyer pays shipping, COD only. Email 518 429 1582 Kira

Warning: If you say you can accept PayPal in your med ad, PayPal may restrict your account and freeze your money (They have printed themselves a license to steal in their T.O.S.) PayPal demanded of me to remove the Medical Section. I have removed PayPal instead. If you include PayPal in your ad - don't expect your ad to be quickly removed when they freeze your account. From all reports : FedEx COD seems to be the most secure method of payment and shipping.

Oct15-Savannah Ga 2 Menopur each box has 5 vials all unopened 75 IU. $100 each expire at the end of november 14. another box unopened the expires July 15. $150. $75 for 4 vials that are in an opened box that expires July 15 N 2 vials in 3/15. 912-269-8439 Andrea
Oct15-tx texas Looking to sell 6 menopur, sealed, 75iu each. Exp 10/15. 2 Gonal F 900iu Expire 7 /15. All sealed amd protecres. 5 noxes Ceroside. Expires om 12/15. COD only. Buyer pays shipping email me jeannette
Cick for more on ... Synthetic Vs. Natural Vitamins By Dr. Ben Kim Here are some facts that you won’t find advertised on most of the vitamin supplements at your local vitamin store: ... The majority of commercial vitamin supplements are made up of synthetic vitamins ... Synthetic vitamins do not perform the same functions in your body as vitamins found naturally in whole food ... Many synthetic vitamins deplete your body of other nutrients and tax your kidneys before being excreted through your urine
Oct15-Fort Lauderdale Florida I'm just hitting my 15yr Mark of ttc #1 still at 0 pregnancies and I'm looking for clomid/femara & trigger shots please email me if you have any left 754 779 0988 Wendy
Oct15-Buffalo NY Leftover unopened Follistim. Has been meticulously cared for, never out of fridge. 600 unit vials for $200 and 300 unit vials for $125 plus shipping. Serious inquiries only 716 796 9005 James
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Oct15-Tucker GA Gonal-F RFF Redi-ject 2 Packs, New in Box, properly stored. Each pack contains 1 gonal-f 900iu pen and 14 needles. Exps Dec 2015, Asking $150 each. Non-local buyers pay shipping. Can do Fedex/UPS COD. Prefer email. 678 995 5571 Sara

Oct15-Manhattan Beach CA Unused, unopened, refrigerated fertility meds. 900IU Follistum with pen. exp 6/2016. prefer local, but will cover fed ex delivery, shipped on ice. COD. Los Angeles, CA text me 310.918.0947 Suzanne
Oct15-liberal ks IVF Meds: Several Menopur 75 IU 5 vials/box - $150/box Several Gonal F 450 IU Multi-Dose. $175 each. Gonal-F is still in powder form, so no need to refrigerate. Meds expire late 2015/ early 2016. Syringes included. Buyer pays shipping. References provided for buyer safety. Email Preferred. 620 655 2618 katie

Oct14-Chicago Suburbs Illinois Photos available: Ganirelix Injections 250 mcg/.5mL $150 all three, 1 box Leuprolide $75, 1 Box Menopur w/ syringes $150, .5mg Cabergoline 8 tabs $75, 5 Androderm patches $30 for all, Minivelle .1mg patch 2 boxes of 8 $100 for both many syringes 630 452 2942 Alicia
Oct14-Surburbs of Chicago IL 7 unopened boxes of Endomentrin. 21 inserts with applicators. Exp date: 8/14 x1 $45 Exp date:10/14 x2 & 12/14 x4 $60 per box 815 545 5620 Krystal

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Oct14-utica ny new unopened bottle of Lupron generic $25. New unopened bottle of progesterone oil $25. 3 Lovenox generic syringes $10. I will ship for free. all unexpired 315 269 9523 shelly
Oct14-Charlotte NC 8 Boxes of Bravelle available 3 vials of PIO. Email Text 704-750-8291 Thanks Victoria

Oct14-Bay area (Union city) CA Leftover Meds for IVF. Unopend 2 boxes of Gonal-F 900 IU (Expire Nov.2014), Unopened 4 boxes Menopur 75IU (Mar.2015), Uneopened 3 boxes of Follistim 300 IU (Dec. 2014, pen included). properly refrigerated. local preferred. contact Joanne, or text 646-334-3880. Total $750.

Oct13-Albany NY Hi there. I'm looking to sell my leftover Follistim. It's all been meticulously cared for & refrigerated continuously. The 2 300 unit vials for $300 or best offer plus shipping. Expiry dates are 10/2015 and 2 Ganirelix for $120 obo They are unopened. Prefer email 518 621 3609 Kathy
Oct13-Dayton OH Selling 2 Follistim 900, 1 Follistim 300, 1 Pregnyl, 3 Ganirelix for $950 for all meds + shipping obo. Can separate if necessary but would prefer to sell all together. Leigh

Oct13-Fairfield ca 2 boxes of Gonal F 300iu refrigerated expires 8/2015 1 75iu menopur. $350 for the three. Local pick up only. Email me 707-565-4100 zan
Oct12-Olympia Wa Follistim 900 iu, $400. 571-338-6501 Chang Pierson
Dr. Mercola There are Too Many Preventable Deaths among New Moms There are Too Many Preventable Deaths among New Moms

Oct12-Orlando FL Leftover ivf meds- 4 boxes of Menopur $125 each, 2 gonal f 900 pens $275 ea., Hcg 10,000 $50, also have 3 single vials of Menopur $25 ea. Lisa 321-527-4899
Oct12-Bay area CA I have leftover IVF med. 2 unopend Gonal F 900 IU / 3 unopend follistim 300 IU local preferred. text me 646-334-3880 or email me $1000 for all. Joanne
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Oct12-Rochester NY Follistim AQ 300 IU exp. April 2015 $90 a box I have 4 boxes, properly refrigerated, Also 4 viles Menopur exp 7-15 $75 buyer pays shipping please contact Paula 315-879-0513
Oct12-Los Angeles CA Beware: Jamie for is not a legitimate seller. Charlie Darling is his real name and he just scammed me out of $420 for Follistim. Please do not answer him. Charlie, be a good person and refund my money. Redeem yourself asap.805 880 7450 penelope
Oct12-Bridgewater NJ I have leftover from Oct Cycle IVF - 5 Brand new unopened and properly fridged 900 IU Follistim. $500 per box. Unused Follistim pen and free Shipping included FedEx COD. Exp date 08/16. Will ship overnight on ice. Text me nine-zero-eight-five-five-two- Masha
Oct12-Bridgewater New Jersey I have IVF leftover form Oct cycle - 5 Brand new unopened and properly fridged 900 IU Follistim $500/box. Exp 8/16. Unused Follistim pen and shipping Fedex COD are included. Will ship overnight on ice. Can meet local. 908 552 9920 Masha
Oct12-Dayton Ohio 8 vials Bravelle, exp 7/15, $50 each. 8 vials Menopur, exp 3/16, $50 each. 1 progesterone in oil, exp. 6/16, $25. 3 Ganirelix, exp. 9/16, $75 each. Plus shipping. Thank you 937-684-3870 Rachel Corbett
Oct12-los angeles california menopur that recently expired 09/2014. asking $100 for 5 vials. also have gonal f just expired 08/2014. asking $100 its multi dose and still in powder form 450 iu. please email for more info. have ganirelix $40 each expires 2015. 310 567 0344 deb
Oct12-Wheaton MD Protocol chng,no longer need HCG trigger/10,000 Novarel exp5/15 $70, 6 Vivelle-Dot patches exp4/15-$40, multi dose Lupron14mg/2.8ml exp 10/14-$50, another 1/2full exp 5/15-$30, open to offers. Prefer local pickup in DC/MD/VA but will ship 301-655-6309 Karen
Oct12-Huntsville Al We want IVF meds, unexpired, unopened and safe. We especially need menopur, bravelle and ganirelix acetate and others We are oop. we will pay and prefer to meet in person to inspect meds. we can travel, looking to purchase this weekend. 256 417 8196 steve
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Oct12-st joseph mo Have 3 brand new boxes leftover Gonal F. 900iu each. Expire 09/15. $125 each or all three for $300 plus $35 overnight shipping. Properly stored. Can provide pics. Email only 817 234 5678 ashley
Oct12-Hi Doug, I just wanted to drop you a note that I ordered from Jamie, and while it was a paypal transaction, he didn't follow through. He accepted the paypal but has not provided a tracking# and is refusing to respond to emails or phone calls. Is there anything you can do? He provided a picture of the follistim and was pretty good with communication prior to the transaction which was Thursday but the medicine has yet to arrive and I'm extremely worried. I have had good success with other sellers so I'm asking you to remove him so he doesn't give the site a bad name. It is shameful if he is preying on the emotions of women going through IVF. Pradnya Parulekar
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Oct10-Herkimer NY Gonal-F 900iu Exp 02/2016 $250 Savings of $660. Cetrotide Exp 10/2015 $40 each or $90 for all 3. Savings of $210. I have 1 gonal pen and 3 cetrotides left from ivf cycle. Serious inquires. 646-769-1162 Lisa
Oct10-Budd lake New jersey Re-listing. Menopur 75iu x8. Exp. 10/16. $40 each. Gonal f. 900 iu. Pen. Unopened and refrigerated. Exp. 2/16. $400 each. Ganirelix 250.mcg x2. Exp. 11/16. $50 each. Crinone 18 applicators. $75. Progesterone in oil 500mgx2. Exp 5/16. $35 each. Will consider reasonable negotiations. 973 876 7156 Offiong
Can This Natural Hormone Progesterone Actually Heal Brain Injuries & Strokes? Dr. Mercola
Oct10-Baltimore Maryland Make an offer: Menopur, Gonal-f RFF 75 IU, Progesterone in oil or leuprolide Lupron. I have several Menopur, only 2 bottles of Gonal-f RFF 75 IU, and 1 Progesterone remaining. The generic Lupron is the only item that is opened/used but I figured someone may need. 262 705 7838 Nicole
Oct10-missouri mo Leftover meds to sell. Three Gonal F 900iu each. Expire 09/2015. All kept safe & cool in the fridge. $125 each box or all three for 300. Have pics with exp date. Email me at Ashley 972 331 4781
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Oct8-West Babylon New York 2 boxes of endometrin 100 mg suppository 21 per box unopened $100 each box plus cost of shipping 631 803 9781 Rich

Oct8-Schenectady NY 1-900 IU Follistim AQ $400 box obo. 2-300 IU Follistim AQ $300 a box obo. 2-250 mg ganirelix $120 obo. Properly stored and price negotiable Buyer pays shipping FEd Ex COD. Email: prefer email, call 518 257 4345. Ravi
Oct8-Auburn New York In search of clomid. The sooner the better. I'm no spring chicken lol Email me 315 283 7433 Yaya
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Oct8-Fresno California ISO crinone gel8%. Also have 4 boxes ganirelex and 4 boxes memoir. Never needed or used. Also have 1 ovidrel pen. Never used. Will work with you on price or trade. 559 284 4018 Ashley K
Oct8-denver co Four new boxes Ganirelix 250 injections. $50 per box. Ex 12/15 Also have gonal f 450iu each new in box. $100 each ex 3/15. Email me 817 925 3870 charlie
10 Ways to Address Your Root Causes of Infertility -- Naturally Iva Keene

Oct8-Virginia beach Virginia Fertility meds Gonal f Rff Redi-ject 900 IU pen paid $912, looking for $450 obo. Stored properly, unused, and sealed in box and inner packaging. Expires dec 15. Will consider all offers. Email 757 771 4155 Steffanie
Article Dr Mercola : The Devil in the Milk
Oct8-henderson nevada 3 900 IU Follistim ,Ovidrel trigger shot & Menopur - all expire in 2015. Selling together or seperate. Also have pen and needles for follistim. Online payment only 914 690 3161 grace
Oct8-Maryland I'm selling leftover meds. I have 4 boxes of Follistim 900iu $200 each 7 boxes of Menopur $150 each obo. tia
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