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Feb1-Milwaukee WI Unopened & unexpired fertility meds. 3 boxes of Menopur, expires 2017, $150 each. 8 boxes of Ganirelix, expires 2017-18, $50 each. Email for more details. Beckie
Feb1-Pelham AL 10 boxes of Follistim 900iu, $350 each, refrigerated, sealed and expire in 2017/2018. 4 boxes Menopur, $200 each, sealed and expire in 2017. Photos available. Fed Ex COD with Cashiers check only. Serious inquiries only. Follistim ships on ice with foam for insulation. Email only.
Jan31-Washington DC 5 boxes of Menopur expiration 6/16. $200/box, will discuss discount if you take all 5. Breana
Jan31-essex County nj Unopened, properly stored 4 boxes of Gonal F 900IU expire 9/16. 5 vials of menopur 75IU. 3 Boxes of pre-filled garinrelix, 2 boxes progesterone. All from a canceled IVF. Reasonable offer accepted. cash only. Can meet in essex county NJ or Midtown NYC. Good luck and thank you. 646-598-2703 kellie
Jan31-Essex County NJ Unopened & properly stored 4 boxes of 900 IU Gonal F with 9/16 ex date $450. 4 doses. 5 vials 75 IU Menopur $100. 3 boxes of ganirelix 250m. 2 boxes of progesterone 10ml. All from a canceled IVF cycle. meet in midtown NYC or NJ. Cash. accept reasonable offers. 646-598-2703 kelly
Jan31-Harrisburg PA selling Menopur 75iu Harrisburg PA I have 28 vials available. I will sell all for 750$ or 150$/box. Local sales only, cash only. Please contact me via txt 815.302.7766 for quickest response or email at Good luck to alll Epantazes
Jan31-North Bergen New Jersey Offering 2 Gonal-F 900iu for $200 each Medications are brand new and have never been used. Have been stored properly Can contact 917 873 9184 or Joe
Jan31-St. Louis MO 1 box Follistim 900 IU exp. 6/16, $350. 2 boxes Follistim 600 IU 1 box exp. 4/16, 1 box exp. 8/16, $250 each. Also Follistim pen new in box, free if you buy all. Always stored properly in refrigerator, boxes unopened, pics available. Ganirelix 1 box, $75. 312 351 9526 Simone
Jan29-West Hartford CT Selling unused, unopened gonal f and ganirelix. Two gonal pens, 300 each. 3 ganirelix injections, 100 each. Email or text 860-324-3009 Courtney
Jan29-Saint Paul MN 4 - Follistim AQ 300IU 0.42ml ea. pkg. has 4 micro fine pen needles, Expiration date: Feb 2017. Follistim injection Pen - All products have never been opened or used. Asking $250 plus shipping for everything. Seriously inquires only, please contact Jackie Thank you 612-817-8148

Jan29-Boston MA Leftover IVF meds available. Unopened, unexpired, properly stored. Expiring 2017-2018 25 boxes Gonal-F (aka Follistim) Â with PEN 900 IU $275/box 2 boxes Menopur 75 IU $150/box 25 boxes of Cetrotide (aka Ganirelex) -$75 /Box 2 Vials Progesterone in oil $100 each 617 513 8260 rose

Jan29-ElPaso Texas 4 Cetrotide, expire 2017 $50 each. 6 Gonal-F 900, expire 2017. $450 each. Buyer pays shipping, FEDEX COD, certified funds. Or will meet locally. All medications have been stored properly and are sealed. 757 818 7818 S. Johnson
Jan28-Carrollton GA 4 unopened Follistim 350 exp.4/16 $150 each. 2 Follism 350 exp.4/16 missing box $120 each. 1 follistim 350 exp. 2/16 unused opened $60. 3 boxes Progesterone 500mg/10ml injection $25 each exp. 6/17.9 vials crinone $30 all. Free follistim pen with purchase 573-529-4842 Angie
Jan28-Chicago IL 1 box Menopur, 5 vials 75 IU each, properly stored, exp 2/16. $100 plus shipping. Email Anne at 630 545-0753 Anne
Jan28-Los Angeles CA 4 boxes of Menopur. Properly stored. 75iu each vial, 5 per box. $200 a box w/syringes. 2 vials of progesterone oil $30 each 2 boxes of leuprolide acetate kits $99 each. Local preferred. Will ship if you pay for shipping 804 380 0970 Laura
Jan28-Irvine Ca Unused Meds- FollistimAQ300IU, exp02/17, $240- EstradiolValerate 100mg/5ml exp10/16, $140 Cetrotide0, 25mg, exp03/17, $85 Progesterone, 500mg/10ml, exp08/17, $30. Or all for $450. All unused, unopened, stored properly. Photos available. Local pick up and cash only please. You can contact me on 949 768 6488 Sara
Jan27-Philadelphia PA Selling leftover meds from successful cycle. Properly refrigerated and unexpired. Follistim 300iu @ $200/vial, 4 vials 600iu @ $300/vial and 5 vials of 900iu @ $375/vial. Cash or FedEx COD only. 302-690-5526 Kim
Jan27-Los Angeles CA 4 boxes of Menopur. Properly stored, 75iu each vial, 5 per box some boxes expire 2016 some 2017. $200 a box w/syringes. 2 vials progesterone oil $35 each. 1 box of Bravelle 5 vials $200 w/syringes. Local and cash preferred. Will deliver if you pay shipping. 804 380 0970 Laura
Jan26-Los Angeles CA Unused, unopened, unexpired, properly stored fertility meds for sale. 1 pen of 900iu Gonal F. 3 pens of 450iu Gonal F. 2 vials of 75iu Menopur. 26 applicators of Crinone. Sandra
Jan26-Broomfield CO 6 boxes of Cetrotide sealed/refrigerated Exp Jan 2017 $60 each ship with icepacks. 7 boxes of Ganirelix Exp Oct 2017 $70 each 720 236 2824 Angel
Jan26-Broomfield CO 3 Gonal F 900 IU $450 each, Exp Feb, 2017. 1 Gonal F 300 IU $150. Gonal F has been properly stored. Ship with icepacks. 6 boxes of Menopur 75IU 5 vials per box $180 per box. Exp Dec, 2016 720 236 2824 Angel

Warning: If you say you can accept PayPal in your med ad, PayPal may restrict your account and freeze your money (They have printed themselves a license to steal in their T.O.S.) PayPal demanded of me to remove the Medical Section. I have removed PayPal instead. If you include PayPal in your ad - don't expect your ad to be quickly removed when they freeze your account. From all reports : FedEx COD seems to be the most secure method of payment and shipping.

I will no longer post fraud and scam warnings if people refuse to use FedEx Cod as instructed on every continued page in the med section. Editor
Jan25-Bay shore New york gonal f 900 iu brand new in box exp sept 2016. Selling for 300 also two ganirelix 250 selling 75 each. Anyone interested email or text 516 382 2763 Lena
Jan25-HoustonTX 75IU 1box 5Vials/box Menopur exp 31Dec2016 $250/box 3vials Menopur $50 each. 75IU 3boxes 5Vials/box Bravelle exp 31 Dec 2016 $250/box, 75IU 2vials Bravelle $50 each. Free2wk Lupronkit. All items stored properly. Will meet in Houston, or ship FedEx COD. 832 263 7129 Sam
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Jan25-Portland Oregon Follistim 600IU, Exp. 4/16, $250. Follistim 600IU, Exp. 5/16, $250. Follistim 300IU, Exp. 4/16, $125. $500 for all 3. Properly stored and unopened. 1/2 used 600 IU vial with 1/16 exp. and pen included for free 4 vials Menapur, Exp. 6/17, $150 for all. 217-898-2329 Joe
Jan24-Washington DC I have: 5 Gonal 900IU pens exp 9/2016, 7 ganirelix 1/2017 & 5 boxes of menopur 6/16 from Freedom. I'm a former patient, currently pregnant. $300 gonal, $200 Menopur, and Ganirelix 100. Price negotiable for large purchase. Email Breana
RUN FROM THE CURE After a serious head injury in 1997, Rick Simpson sought relief from his medical condition through the use of medicinal hemp oil. When Rick discovered that the hemp oil (with its high concentration of T.H.C.) cured cancers and other illnesses, he tried to share it with as many people as he could free of charge - curing and controlling literally hundreds of people... but when the story went public, the long arm of the law snatched the medicine - leaving potentially thousands of people without their cancer treatments - and leaving Rick with unconsitutional charges of possessing and trafficking marijuana! A Nova Scotia Legion Branch was even shut down over this. 7 part youtube video..each segment is less than 10 minuets long. this is the first segment with links to the rest found on the same youtube page
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Jan24-Melbourne Victoria Australia Hello have some left over IVF medicines. If you wish to discuss please contact me on only located in melb, vic, aust ph: 02 8668 2554
Jan24-Philadelphia PA Free: One 1 900 IU Follistim Vial. Local pickup only. Expires 1/31/16, but my wife just used four 4 vials from the lot and had great stimulation. I'm sure it would be fine for a few months. Always refrigerated. Tips and a pen if needed. 267-227-0046 Matt Vincent

Jan24-Bismarck Nd I am in need of the clear blue ovulation monitor I'm not very rich at all but I also am in need of Clomid, menopause, follistim and supplies 701 425 1235 Michelle
Jan24-Philadelphia PA Follistim 300 IU has been kept in the refrigerator. Exp Feb 2017 $200 1 Ganirelix Acetate Injection 250mg Exp Feb 2017 $100, Menopur 75IU 3 doses Exp Mar 2016 $100. Local and surrounding counties and cash preferred. Contact me at 267-918-5215 Ryanne
10 Ways to Address Your Root Causes of Infertility -- Naturally Iva Keene

Oct4-Orlando FL Unopened, unused and properly stored. 5 - Cetrotide Kit .25 mg 10 - Menopur Inj 75 unit 1 - Leuprolide Inj 1mg / 0.2 4 - Gonal-F RFF Inj 900/1.5 1 - Gonal-F RFF Inj 300/0.5 2 - Insulin Syrg Mis 1ml/28g Expires Sept. 2016. 407-584-7466 Kristen
Jan22-Jacksonville Florida Follistim 300 for $125 Exp 5/16. Unopened, brand new and properly stored. Dont need any more. Please email me at if interested. 904 405 3305 Barbara
Jan22-Boston Ma Looking for gonal f or follustrim And menopur 303 263 6007 Ris
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Jan22-Chicago Suburbs Illinois sealed - left over from cycle 900 Follistim - $400 6 vials of Menopur - $200. 630 696 0569
Can This Natural Hormone Progesterone Actually Heal Brain Injuries & Strokes? Dr. Mercola
Jan22-pensacola fl 1 box of 14 mg/2.8 ml Leuprolide Lupron, $199, sealed and expires in 2017. Photos available. Local pick up or Fed Ex COD with Cashiers check only. 818 406 8087 pearl
Jan22-pensacola fl 1 box of 300 IU follistim 400 IU is actually in the cartridge, $260, refrigerated, sealed and expires 2017. Will throw in 2 partially used vials for free. Photos available. Fed Ex COD with Cashiers check only. Follistim ships on ice with foam for insulation. 818 406 8087 pearl
Cick for more on ... Synthetic Vs. Natural Vitamins By Dr. Ben Kim Here are some facts that you wont find advertised on most of the vitamin supplements at your local vitamin store: ... The majority of commercial vitamin supplements are made up of synthetic vitamins ... Synthetic vitamins do not perform the same functions in your body as vitamins found naturally in whole food ... Many synthetic vitamins deplete your body of other nutrients and tax your kidneys before being excreted through your urine
Jan22-Hartford CT Gonal F pen, 900 IU. Unused, unopened, and properly stored. $450. Also, I have 3 ganirelix shots, unused and unopened. $40. each. Free shipping Please contact me if interested, or text 860 324 3009 Courtney
Jan21-Jacksonville FL Follistim 900 for only $200 properly stored, never used, unopened new boxes. Reason im asking only $200 is that they exp feb 2016 great for someone doing cycle next month. I dont need the meds anymore. Please email me at if interested. thanks 904 405 3305 Barbara

Dec13-San jose Ca I am selling bravelle (exp 04/2016). 8 vials total. $300. Menopur (exp 08/2017). 9 vials total $400. 5 boxes of crinone 8%. $100/box. Lovenox 40 mg. $300 for 22 shots.. Domperidone 10mg. $100/box. Anne

Jan21-Birmingham AL Local pick up or Fed Ex COD certified funds only. Cetrotide 0.25mg #5 boxes exp 12/16, $50 each. Follistim 300IU #14 boxes exp 4/16, $200 each obo ships with unopened pen. Menopur 75 #6 vials exp 1/17, $200 with syringes. Crinone 8% #14 syringes, $6 each. Sarah
Jan21-Hamilton NJ GonalF 1475ui $400, menopure 75iu 4 boxes $100 each, ganirelix 5 shots $75 each, medrol 16mg 9 tablets $20 each, endometrin 3 boxes 21 inserts each box $75 per box, lupron 4 shots 2mcg $100 each. Everything expires 122016 will meet in person. Prices are negotiable and pictures available. 609 553 9695 Tangy
Dr. Mercola : New Study Suggests Asthma Could Have a Natural Fix!

Jan21-Costa Mesa CA Vivelle dot 0.1 mg/day - 28 patches, expire 2/2016 and 3/2016; $20 for 6 patches; Crinone 4% - 53 individually wrapped applicator; expire 10/2016; $3 per applicator. Local pick-up or Buyer pays shipping cost and meds prior to shipping. 714-932-5173 May
Jan21-new york New York I have a brand new, upnopened pack of Follistim AQ 900 IU from an egg donation I did in August. It lasts for up to a year and costs over 800 dollars for just one pack. I also have one dosage of unopened Ganirelix Acetate Injection 25 mcg/.05. 201-400-9241 carolyn
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Jan20-Los Angeles CA 900 IU Follistim $350 leftover from successful IVF cycle. Has been properly stored. Janelle 323-377-7223.
Jan20-chicago il Menopur 75 iu for sale 15 vials which is 3 boxes expire 06/2016 $250 will ship cod ups or local delivery contact 773-382-7948 allen

Jan20-Hinesville GA Wanted: Follistim 600 or 900, 1 box Menopur 912 344 8999 Sidequa
Jan20-San Antonio Texas Canceled cycle from Freedom Fertility properly stored, unused, sealed. 5 boxes Cetrotide 0.25 mg exp. 5/16 $250. 1 Ovidrel Prefilled syringe 250MCG $40 exp. 10/16 Fedex Overnight COD, buyer pays shipping, certified funds only please. Text Jen 210 307 7113 or email
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Jan19-Cincinnati Ohio I have four boxes of follistim that I am selling. They expire Jan 2017. Hopefully someone will have great luck with them as I did I'm asking $150 a box but open to offers. If interested please shoot me a text. 208 629 1836 Katherine
Jan19-Cambridge Maryland I currently have 4 - Follistim AQ Inj 600iu properly stored unopened boxes with new green case and pen. $450/box or $1800 for all. 410 409 2030 Kay
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Jan19-New York NY Extra IVF meds: Menopur 75IU, 3 boxes with 5 each, expire 12/2016 - $250 box or $40 each vial. Gonal-F pen 900IU, 4 boxes, expire 2/2017 - $350 each box. can ship JB email or text me. 646 625 9959
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