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Warning: If you say you can accept PayPal in your med ad, PayPal may restrict your account and freeze your money (They have printed themselves a license to steal in their T.O.S.) PayPal demanded of me to remove the Medical Section. I have removed PayPal instead. If you include PayPal in your ad - don't expect your ad to be quickly removed when they freeze your account. From all reports : FedEx COD seems to be the most secure method of payment and shipping.

Aug8-La mirada CA I am looking for Gonal f 450iu 900iu or 1050iu need asap. Donation or low price. I'm doing 2nd IVF cycle all out of pocket costs. Please text or contact Lynn. 909-518-9002
Aug8-Chicago IL Unused IVF meds: Follistim 900 5 Boxes $350 Per Box expire 8/2016 4 Boxes of Ganirellex $45 Per Box 1 Box of Menopur $100 COD 773 814 4479 Dee
Aug8-Houston TX 4 sealed boxes Bravelle 75 IU, exp 9/2014, $125/box. 6 new boxes Ganirelix, exp 2/2015, $50/box. Preferred local buyers. If ship, COD USPS only & buyers pay shipping fees. If interest, please contact Kay 713.364.3738 Thank you
10 Ways to Address Your Root Causes of Infertility -- Naturally Iva Keene

Aug8-Phoenix AZ I'm in need of Follistim 375IU and prefer 6 to 8 boxes total. However, this does not mean I will not purchase a smaller quanity. Serious sellers only. 602 702 1100 Sarah
Aug8-Kingston NY Leftover From Successful IVF! 9 boxes Menopur $100/ea, Follistim & Brand new Kit, Ganirelix, Clomid, Ovidrel, Crinone, Estrace. Supplies included. Kingston NY - FED EX COD or pick-up. For serious inquires only. All meds very carefully stored. Pls email for questions, happy to help. Good Luck 845-594-4327 Caitie
Article Dr Mercola : The Devil in the Milk
Aug7-Harvey Louisiana Vivelle Patches 0.1mg expires 2015 1 box 8+ 5 patches total = 13 patches email or text 504 319 0450 Huong
Aug7-Perris California Leftover IVF meds from successful cycle, need to sell for babies. Menopur 1 Box,plus 2 vials 75iu,$200.1 Gonal-F pen 450iu $100. 1 Cetrotide 0.25iu $25. 909 922 4071 Sarah
Cick for more on ... Synthetic Vs. Natural Vitamins By Dr. Ben Kim Here are some facts that you won’t find advertised on most of the vitamin supplements at your local vitamin store: ... The majority of commercial vitamin supplements are made up of synthetic vitamins ... Synthetic vitamins do not perform the same functions in your body as vitamins found naturally in whole food ... Many synthetic vitamins deplete your body of other nutrients and tax your kidneys before being excreted through your urine
Aug7-San Antonio Texas After a successful IVF, we have 1 Gonal-F-RFF Rediject exp Sept 2015, and 2 boxes of Cetrotide 0.25mg Exp Aug 2015. if interested, e mail at bzt96 @ y ah oo . co m 210 452 01311 bart
Aug7-Westchester NY Menopur available. $130 per box. Email unexpired and unopened. Anna
Aug7-Glendale Arizona Hi ladies, Please I need help getting Crinone 8% cheap price or donation will be grateful. 480-432-7649 Naya

Aug7-Rochester NY 900iu Gonal-F pens, new and unopened in box-. All stored properly. 4 exp Nov 2014, 4 expire 5/2015. $350 per box, 2 for $600. Menopur 10 75iu vials exp 9/2014. $25/vial. Txt or email 585 301 6685. Jaimee
Aug7-Sringdale AR Leftover Follistim, refrigerated, 2 boxes of 600IU. Each box comes with 1.5 ml sterile prefilled cartridges and needles for the follistim pen. Expire June, 2015. I also have Ganirelix 250mcg, expire Feb 2015. I have the Follistim pen & case too. $500 total, can separate. Ships within 24 hours. 479 871 5051 Carli Carlifeurer@yahoo.coml
Aug7-Ft Lauderdale FL Leftover ivf meds from successful cycle. 5 unopened boxes 5 vials in each of Menopur 75 exp 09-14 @ $150 each box. 5 separate Menopur vials exp 09-14 @ $30 each vial. 12-Follistim 900 cartridges refrigerated, exp 2015 @ $300 each. Pick up preferred, So Florida area. 954-296-5541 Raquel
Aug6-Summerfield NC Crinone 8% progesterone gel. One vaginal suppository. Expires last day of this month August 2014. Unopened. Bought in 2012 for $16.20. Selling for $5 with free S/H. Give yourself a break from a shot in the buttock. 704 796 2693 Kaonu
Aug6-Orlando FL 1 box multidose gonal f 1050 unexpired unopened email or text me offers 813 377 4088 Serenity
Aug6-Chicago Il 5 boxes of Follistim 900, 1 box of Menopur, 4 Ganirelix , 1 bottle of Progesterone oil, 2 boxes of endometrium Expiration all 2015 in original packages. Will Ship COD only. Email only 773 814 4479 Nichole
Aug6-New York NY 3 Gonal-F 900 IU pens - exp 5/2015, 16 Endometrin 100 mg vaginal tablet inserts - exp 12/2014, Pregnyl 10,000 IU injection - exp 1/2015. Open to offers - I am more than happy to pass on the good fortune for a small fee. 201 777-0130 Tara
Aug5-Austin Texas Crinone 8% for Sale. 23 total applicators: 12 applicators expiring in November 2016 + 11 applicators expiring in March 2015. Please let me know if you're interested in buying this extra Crinone from me. I am willing to ship. The medicine is unopened. My email address is Maria
Aug5-Chicago IL 4 boxes Follistom 900 1 box of menopur 4 ganirelix All new Left over medicine. Please contact me for price COD Buyer will pay for shipping 773 814 4479 Nikki
Aug5-Denver CO Leftover IVF meds. 2 5vial boxes menopur, 2 boxes cetrotide, 450iu GonalF, and 1 4mg/ml leuprolide. All meds are within expiration date, and properly stored. New mprice $350 plus shipping for all. I will ship overnight with ice packs in an insulated tote. Call, Text, or Email 720 376 9218 Nguyen
Aug5-Newark NJ Ganirelix Acetate 250mcg for sale 2 boxes $75 per box plus shipping 973-393-1508 Sharon
Aug5-New York NY Menopur 75iu 5 units each box. Gonal-f 900 iu pens and Ganirelix 250 mg. All stored properly. 917-597-4523 Lynn

Aug5-Montclair NJ Unused IVF meds for Sale : 900IU Follistim Cartridges, exp: 2016, $500 each. 4 Ganirelix, 250 mcg pre-filled syringes, exp: 2016. $75 each. 1 Box Menopur with Five 75IU vials, exp: 2015, $150 for all 5. All properly stored, sealed, and unopened. Local preferred. E-mail 973 202 4331T Paul
Aug5-Los Angeles CA I am desperately looking for 600 IU of Gonal F. We are on our third try and cant pay the pharmacy prices any more. Please help. 909 717 2919 Suzie
Aug4-Atlanta GA Gonal F 900 IU pen. Unopened. Expires May 2015. $250. Will ship on ice, but buyer must pay shipping. 404-395-4097 Becki
Aug4-Gulf Breeze FL 4 boxes 300IU and 4 boxes 600IU Follistim. 24 vials Brevelle. 3 boxes Vivelle. 3 boxes Crinone. Heparin. All unexpired, unopened and properly stored. Email with offer. 5 boxes 300IU and 5 boxes 600IU Follistim expired. 35 vials Menopur expired. 2 Novarel shots expired. Email with cheaper offer. Melissa
RUN FROM THE CURE After a serious head injury in 1997, Rick Simpson sought relief from his medical condition through the use of medicinal hemp oil. When Rick discovered that the hemp oil (with its high concentration of T.H.C.) cured cancers and other illnesses, he tried to share it with as many people as he could free of charge - curing and controlling literally hundreds of people... but when the story went public, the long arm of the law snatched the medicine - leaving potentially thousands of people without their cancer treatments - and leaving Rick with unconsitutional charges of possessing and trafficking marijuana! A Nova Scotia Legion Branch was even shut down over this. 7 part youtube video..each segment is less than 10 minuets long. this is the first segment with links to the rest found on the same youtube page
Free YouTube Video


Aug4-Dallas Texas Left over fertility meds. 1 unopened factory sealed unexpired injection of Ganirelix, 2 Menopur 75iu and 1 unopened sealed unexpired injection of Ovidrel .5ML refrigerated. Asking $150 will ship if buyer pays for shipping COD I prefer local pickup asking $100 for local. Kelly
Aug4-Chicago IL 3 boxes of Follistim 3 for $950 1 Box of ganirelix $40 1 Box of Menopur 5 included $65 Will meet if local Downtown Chicago will ship COD only. Buyer pays for shipping Contact me at 773 814 4479 Nikki
Aug4-Chesapeake Virginia Ivf meds. The whole works New factory sealed, never been touched. Follistim, vivelle, progesterone, ovidrel, menopur, Follistim aq, doxycycline, monoject ins. syr., leuprolide. Syringes, alcohol, dispenser, instructions, and proof of purchase and date. Bought 11/2013. All from USA pharmacy. $2000 obo 757 955 0761 Joe

Aug4-Pasadena Maryland I am selling the following unexpired IVF meds- Gonal F 450IU, properly refrigerated for $250. Menopur 75IU, 5 vial boxes $200/box. Will accept COD shipping if you are not local to meet up. Shipping prices are not included. Please contact Margie at 301-885-9644
Aug4-Houston TX I am just starting an IVF cycle, completely oop. I am in need of Gonal F or Follistim, menopur, ganirelix. I only want to buy unopened and unexpired items. Thank you so much Kari

Woops! Study Accidentally Finds Chemotherapy Makes Cancer Far Worse

Aug4-Portland Maine Leftover IVF meds. In a sealed package, unexpired. I have many boxes of Bravelle 75iu $125 per box. Discount applied for multiple boxes. Also Lupron 14 day kit $40. Buyer must pay shipping. Local pick up available. 207 239 9729
Aug3-Long Beach CA Menopur, 6 unopened vials of 75 iu one box plus one extra vial expiration 11/14, always refrigerated, $100; Estradiol Valerate Injection, USP, 100mg/5ml unopened vial, expiration 7/2015, $50. Prefer local pickup, will ship fed ex cod if you pay cost. 562 489 6837 stacy
Are You Allergic to Wireless Internet?

Aug3-New Orleans LA I have 13 Vivelle patches left over from FET. Expires: 1/2015 and 6/2015 email: or text 504 319 0450 Huong
Aug3-sterling va Looking for 3 boxes of menopur 75 qcap unopened ganerlix and other ivf meds unexpired unopened please. contact 703 728 4973 Jenny
Aug3-Fort mill Sc Gonal-f 900 iu for sale. Refrigerated. Exp. 7/15. $600 4 Ganirelex pens $75 email Postal money order or COD only. I am self pay and have unused meds that can help someone else. 313-123-4567 Racy
Aug3-new york new york Have extra follistim and menopur to donate if anyone needs it. Please email only. 646 481 2380 Ella
Aug3-New York City NY IVF Leftovers. In pharmacy sealed boxes. Properly stored. Not expired. Menopur 3 boxes with 5 vials each. Gonal F 8 boxes of 900 IU. Ganirelix 6 shots. For NY-area buyers only. These are left over from my IVF cycles. Email if interested at Best of luck
Video:birth control Why Birth Control and Artificially Manipulating Your Hormones Causes Cancer

Aug3-mobile al 8 boxes Menopur for sale email 251 423 5454 frances
Aug3-Cambridge Massachusetts IVF drugs: all boxes factory sealed, refrigerated, exp 12/15. 1 Gonal-F Pen 900 IU $300. 2 Cetrotide 0.25mg $50. 1 vial Menopur 75IU $40. 1 Ovidrel 0.5mL $40. Shipping not incl, COD only. email 925.727.3764: Rhoda

Aug3-San Antonio Texas I have 3 Gonal F 900 + 6 Cetrotide 0.25 + 2 menopur + Vivlle dot patches+1 chorionic gonad 10000+ 2 Progesterone oil + 1 crinon progesterone gel +8 one touch ultra test strips for sale please contact me by Email or text me 210 773 5534 Hamidah
Aug1-stonington Ct I'm selling: all-$350. 3 boxes of Gonal F 900iu. 14 needles included in each box. 3 boxes of Cetrotide .25mg 4 boxes of Follistim Aq 900 iu. Please text me if interested. Sara 401-741-0856
Dr. Mercola There are Too Many Preventable Deaths among New Moms There are Too Many Preventable Deaths among New Moms

Aug1-Upstate NY I have 35 menopur 55 Bravelle 6 cetrotide 5 ganirelix 1 Lupron 3 600iu Follistim. No shipping offered. Will meet within reason. email with reasonable offers. Amanda
Aug1-Portland Oregon Leftover meds - make an offer so I can get my drawer space back: 2/3 of a box of Crinone and 4 four boxes of pre-filled Ganirelix. 503-267-5774 Rachael
Dr. Mercola : New Doubt Cast on True Cause of Deaths in 1918-19 Flu Pandemic

Dr. Mercola Video:mercola/fisher What May Be the Single Biggest Threat to Your Health?

Overlooked 150 Year Old Household Cleaner a Remedy for Swine Flu? Posted by: Dr. Mercola

Video:mercola-blaylock Find out all the reasons why pregnant women should NEVER get the H1N1 vaccine. Renowned expert exposes major H1N1 myths.

Reuters and WHO Say: Call for Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccine Likely to Come This Week. Take 16 minutes to watch the famous 60 Minutes episode on the horrific 1976 Swine Flu fiasco that left thousands of people dead and many thousands more crippled for the same non-event "danger of deadly Swine Flu pandemic" swine flu 60 min 60 Minutes 1976 Swine Flu Clip

Forced Vaccinations, Government, and the Public Interest By Dr. Russell Blaylock, M.D. December 2009

Robert F Kennedy explains Video:Robert Kennedy JR vaccines and the autism coverup (7 1/2 min. YouTube Video)

Vaccine Studies: Under the Influence of Pharma Solid science that you can use to counter pro-vaccine arguments.

Critical Alert: The Swine Flu Pandemic - Fact or Fiction? Dr. Mercola


Do Not Take A Swine Flu Vaccine! From Patricia Doyle, PhD

Get Your Swine Flu Shot and Drop Dead ! RumorMillNews.Com

Five Myths to Keep in Mind About Flu Vaccines

Video:Fisher Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride shares her insights about Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS), which can make a child particularly prone to vaccine damage, and the GAPS Nutritional program; a natural treatment for autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, depression and schizophrenia.

Aug1-Cherry Hill New Jersey Leftover Gonal F 75IU vials from previous IVF attempts. Finally successful and in the safe zone so we are willing to sell for $25ea. pickup\shipping. Pictures available upon request. 732-789-8658 Melissa
Video:smart meter SMART METER ALERT

Aug1-Denver CO Leftover IVF meds. 2 5vial boxes menopur, 2 boxes cetrotide, 450iu GonalF, and 1 4mg/ml leuprolide. All meds are within expiration date, and have been properly stored. $450 plus shipping for all. I will ship overnight with ice packs in an insulated tote. Call, Text, or email. 720 376 9218 nguyen
Aug1-Silver Spring Maryland Can't proceed. Pharmacy labels. Properly stored: GonalF -3 sealed pens-$480 each. Exp.2/15. Menopur-8 sealed boxes-$200 each. Exp.07/15. 3 vials- Exp.01/15, $35each. Ganirelix -10sealed boxes, $70each. Exp.07/16. hCG trigger-10,000iu, $90. Exp.05/15. Meet Wash DC area /FedEX COD. Email please 240-678-3439 Lana
Can This Natural Hormone Progesterone Actually Heal Brain Injuries & Strokes? Dr. Mercola

Aug1-Atlantic Highlands NJ I have 1new box of Follistim 900iu stored in fridge, expiring on 01/2016. It's left over after ivf cycle. Thinking of selling for $400. Negotiable. Pick up or ship. Pls, text me on 732 403 6452 or email on Jackie
Dr. Mercola : New Study Suggests Asthma Could Have a Natural Fix!

Aug1-Preston Ky I have 95 prometrium generic for progesterone, pills 100mg each. I will take $150. Ship cod. Cash only text 606-336-0490 Mary
Aug1-gaithersburg maryland I am looking for clomid or cheap menopur/follistim ill even take expired meds. Please email me at 919 417 3126 monik
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